Kale & ‘Go!

** Prep time: 15 minutes

** Serves: 4 people


** Ingredients

1 Yellow Lemon

Bunch of Curly Kale (American)

1 Mango (your preferred kind, I used Alphonso)

1 Fresh Jalepeno Pepper

1/3 Cup of Toasted Pecan Nuts

1/2 Cup of Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Salt to Taste



  1. Rib , chop and massage the kale leaves.
  2. Cut your mango into even pieces and slice your jalepeno pepper.
  3. Semi crush the pecan nuts.
  4. Add all your ingredients into a salad bowl and squeeze the fresh lemon over the mix.
  5. Toss thoroughly and shave some parmesan cheese into your salad.
  6. Add salt to taste.


Serving Tips:

  1. Make sure the jalapeno pepper isn’t extremely spicy, but do not skip it as it compliments the sweetness of the mango and sourness of the lemon juice very well.
  2. Do not add too much mango as it is a rather sweet fruit.
  3. You may add avocado to this recipe.


‘Go For It!


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